Chapter Training Material

2023 San Antonio Chapter Young Guns

The Young Guns team conducted a training event on July 8th at Comalander Stadium that was intended to shake off the rust and get D3-D5 officials back into a football mindset. The training conducted included scrimmage plays, focused on enforcement and proper mechanics, along with rules discussion.


The Young Guns training team used a script of plays and questions to help fellow officials process what transpired before, during or after the play. The conversations and training that this training produced will prove invaluable for those in attendance for the upcoming season and beyond.


Come join YG’s every Monday at 5:30 pm, right before the chapter meeting starts. The location is the Alzafar Shriners Temple at 1604.


This year, the YG’s Training team is headed up by Joe Cobarruivas.


Come get better and let’s make the San Antonio chapter even better this year!

SA Chapter 2023 TASO Football Regional Rules Clinic Hit the Mark!

Brian Ernest Big 12 Back Judge and Our 2023 Clinician was Top-Notch

Crew Training

These Mechanic Manuals, documentation, and training slides, all are designed to make available to each and every TASO official, detailed information regarding the officiating techniques which, through evaluation and  studied  development,  have  come  to  be  recognized  as  accepted  standards  of officiating performance. 

 These manuals are an authoritative guide to the best in football officiating, hopeful that it will assist all officials in maintaining their effectiveness and making ready use of their potentialities. 

 These manuals were designed to provide the best possible officiating techniques for TASO Officials working Texas High School Football. TASO officials are expected to use the mechanics specified in this manual and are not authorized to deviate in any manner.

 NOTE:  All TASO Mechanics Manuals can also be found in your TASO portal.