Coaches Corner

Welcome to the Coaches Corner!

The San Antonio Football Chapter of the Texas Association of Sports Officials(TASO) appreciates the opportunity to serve you for the Texas High School Football Season. We sincerely appreciate your confidence and support.

If there is any way we can assist you, please reach out to us by using the contact info found in the ‘About’ Section. The Executive Officers and Board Members will be happy to assist you or will put you in contact with the appropriate person that can provide assistance

2024 San Antonio Football Crews

The San Antonio Chapter will continue to provide you the opportunity to use 7-Official crews for all of your Varsity Football games and this option will be available to you on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Each Member of these crews is required to attend extensive training (which has already begun this off-season) and will in turn work together as a cohesive unit throughout the regular and post-season. 5-man crews are also available upon request.

Coaches Crew Evaluation & Film Review

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SA Chapter Board Members and Assigners

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