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Frequently Asked Questions

Prospective officials have questions/concerns and we have attempted to address these here…

Do I need prior experience as a football official or player?
While experience is good it is not required. We conduct a thorough training program for new officials at no additional cost to you.

What time commitment must I make to officiate football?
Attendance at preseason and regular season meetings is required. During the season, sub-varsity games generally start around 4:30 PM and are played Monday through Friday, as well as Saturday mornings starting around 9:00 AM. You can work as much or as little as your normal work schedule will allow.

Where do we officiate?
In general, the schools are within a large area of South Central Texas within a quadrant as far north as Llano, east to Gonzales and Cuero, west to Eagle Pass and Del Rio, and south to Karnes City.

Occasionally for Varsity games, our Chapter may be called to officiate a game elsewhere in Texas.

What kind of training can I expect?
Training consists of both classroom and on field sessions. Additional training will take place during the season as you work with veteran officials or travel with crews on Friday night. The San Antonio Chapter will attempt to pair a Mentor with every New Member.

When do meetings begin?
New member training generally kicks off with a New Member Boot Camp in July prior to the start of the season.  Scrimmages begin in early August and our goal is to have you prepared to work on the field during selected scrimmages. There is no pay for scrimmages.  The regular season starts the end of August and runs through the beginning of November.

How do you progress in the chapter?
You earn points for games worked, meetings attended, educational opportunities and required testing. There are currently 5 Divisions requiring specific point levels to advance. As a new member, you will be a part of Division 5.

What costs are involved?
To become a football official, you must first register with our state office (TASO) and then our local San Antonio football chapter. Visit this link to register: https://www.intra-focus.com/MANAGER/registration/step1.cfm.

Your TASO dues of $40 must be paid first before becoming a chapter member.

Chapter dues for new members is just $25.

 The additional uniform cost is approximately $150. Some used gear is generally available from chapter members.  The New Member Team will be glad to assist in this area.

What does it pay?
Sub-varsity game fees are from $45 on up per game depending on the length of the quarters played.  Additional travel money is also paid. You generally work multiple games in one day.  Varsity game pay is based on gate receipts.  You will be paid mileage, depending on the distance involved to/from the game site.  In instances where travel is more than 90 miles one-way, you may be entitled to a meal fee.

How do I get paid?
Officials working at a site will submit a pay voucher (designated by that home school) that is processed by the school district, which will pay you by check, direct deposit or ArbiterPay.

This seems like a lot of work just to call high school football games! Why should I do it?

​Obviously you have a passion for the sport of football or you would not be here. You do not need to be an ex-player or coach to be a good official and have a memorable career. You must have a desire and dedication to learn, and the ability to move around on the field.  Having a positive impact on student athletes and the game itself at all levels is very gratifying. You will meet new people and make lifelong relationships, not to mention great memories.

New Member Registration

Before paying for your local New Member dues please go to the TASO website to pay state dues and complete background check paperwork.

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2024 New Member Training Team

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