San Antonio Chapter Crew Rating Form

Coaches San Antonio Crew Evaluation Form


1. Superior: Is a Crew that is qualified to officiate in the Semi-Final or Championship Game

2. Above Average: Is a Crew that is qualified to officiate in a district, regional, sectional or quarterfinal play-off game

3. Average: Competent in most phases, but needs improvement

4. Below Average: Is not competent in most phases; needs considerable improvement.

5. Unsatisfactory: Coaches must include reasons for any “5” rating.

1) Pre=Game Conference: Was the conference held timely and professionally
2) Rules: Knowledge of the rules.
3) Mechanics: Attention to mechanics, official’s signals and proper positioning
4) Effort: Ability to follow the play (hustle or effort exerted). When the tempo of play increased, did the Crew exert extra effort to get and stay in position to observe the action?
5) Control: Ability to manage players. Did the Crew maintain control of the game?
6) Consistency: Consistency in Crew decisions and rule interpretations.
7) Confidence: Manner in which decisions were made. Did the Crew demonstrate confidence in decisions? Were the decisions made promptly and without undue emotion?
8) Poise: Poise and self-control. Did the Crew have sufficient maturity to appropriately administer the game?
9) Attitude: Was the Crew courteous and polite while also being firm in dealing with players and coaches?
Would you Recommend this Crew in the future?